Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – How To Catch Bugs | Collectibles Guide

Animal Crossing has been an iconic franchise for decades now. Gamers really enjoy Nintendo’s simulation video game where player build up a town and manage the residences who live within it. Over the past couple years, Nintendo has been working on their mobile division and breaching into the smartphone and tablet marketplace.

Developed by Nintendo and alongside DeNa, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched on both Apple iOS and Android, November 22, 2017. This is a free-to-play video game application that requires an internet connection in order to play. Much of the core gameplay is intact with this latest installment, however, the main goal is managing a campsite.

If you’re in need of some help when it comes to the latest Animal Crossing installment then let us lend a hand. Check out our Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guides features on Gameranx down below.

In this particular guide, we’re going to offer some help on how to catch bugs along with the various rarities and Bell worth.



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Bug catching is preset in the latest installment to the Animal Crossing franchise. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is based around the campsite lifestyle and during your management duties, you’ll come across a variety of bugs.

These bugs are well worth going after as a few can offer gamers plenty of Bells for their capture. They can randomly pop up so we suggest keeping a close eye as you navigate around the map.

How To Catch Bugs

Step #1

  • First keep a close eye to spot a bug within the map. When there is a nearby bug, your character will automatically pull out a bug catching net.

Step #2

  • Tap at the bug for your character to sneak close to it.

Step #3

  • When it’s time to catch the bug, an exclamation point will appear, at that time you’ll need to tap on the bug for your character to catch it. If you’re too slow you’ll lose the bug.

Bug Rarity & Bell Worth


  • Fruit Beetle
    • 10 Bells
  • Monarch Butterfly
    • 10 Bells
  • Tiger Butterfly
    • 10 Bells


  • Horned Dynastid
    • 100 Bells

Very Rare

  • Emperor Butterfly
    • 3,000 Bells
  • Jewel Beetle
    • 2,000 Bells
  • Miyama Stag
    • 1,500 Bells

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