Lawbreakers: Vanguard Class Breakdown | Class Guide

Lawbreakers is the first video game project to be released by development studio Boss Key Productions, founded by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee. Overall, the video game is a new take on the highly popular hero-based shooter genre.

Teams of players work together in order to complete the main mission objective all the while gamers take on the role of a hero character, each with their own unique attributes and abilities. Being a recent entry to the hero shooter market, Boss Key Productions is hoping to tap into the established fanbase of gamers.

With Lawbreakers, gamers will be tossed into a fast-paced shooter that not only focuses on a variety of heroes and abilities but plays with the laws of physics. Currently, there are four different game modes available for players to enjoy with nine different hero classes.

As mentioned, there is a number of different heroes which act as classes within the video game. If you’re interested in learning just what each class brings to the video game then check out our guides down below.

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Vanguard Guide

The Vanguard is all about speed and taking off into the air when it comes to fighting their opponents. This class is filled with flight-based weaponry where players can send down a furry of attacks against their opposing force who are stranded on the ground.

This Vanguard roster is filled by Toska-9 and Maverick. Toska-9 is a Breaker character who is a former Russian Air Force pilot. Gaining Toksa-9’s loyalty is easy, just as long as you have enough money. When the Syndicate offered her a lucrative offer, Toska-9 instantly became a valuable asset to the team.

Maverick will be your Law character who may have a record of recklessness attached to her career. Regardless, being a proud member of the law enforcement agency, Maverick will stop at nothing to take down the enemy threat.

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  • Hydra

    • The standard Vanguard issue Gatling gun.
  • Pulsar
    • A large blast that can inflict damage but also push enemies away from your immediate area.
  • Starfall

    • Blast towards the surface dealing a ground-based attack on a selected target.
  • Meteor Shells

    • Toss out a cluster of five grenades towards the enemy.
  • Afterburners
    • Fly off in any direction to get away from an enemy attack or quickly reach an opposing target.

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