Tacoma: Spoiler-Free Walkthrough | Step-By-Step Guide

Take a relaxing trip to Tacoma with this full walkthrough, explaining every step to help you progress. This isn’t exactly a challenging game, but if you’re looking to find every AR recording, physical key, or door code, we’ve got them all listed for each module.

Made by the Fullbright Company, the developers behind the critical hit Gone Home, Tacoma tells the story of a crew trapped, and how they persevere. The story is revealed through augmented reality recordings, notes, pictures, and the myriad stuff you can interact with in this very lived-in world. The station might be small, but there’s plenty you can do here

Spoiler-Free Walkthrough | Step-By-Step Guide


Automatically arriving at the station, you’ll activate gravity boots and step out of your craft. Through the airlock, collect the ARdware nodes. Hold [Right-Mouse] to get a better look at augmented reality text, and interact with the spinning pyramids for pre-recorded messages from the ship’s AI, ODIN.

AR Tracking is required to enter the station. Interact with the pyramid, then interact with the AR silhouette to calibrate your tracking. This unlocks the AR sign-in on the Tacoma entrance door. Agree to the terms and conditions of the contractor agreement, and you’ll be able to ride¬† into the main station.

In the central hub, all areas are locked down. To progress, enter the Observation Deck at the end of the passage. Follow the signs!

Inside the “Tacoma Dome” — press [Space] to recover AR data recordings. Follow the crew as they access the Personnel area. That’s your next stop.

Personnel Module

Access the Personnel Module from the central hub. Inside, find the red square outline at the fork (Administration is on the right) and “Attach Data Transfer Device” — it’s going to take awhile to complete the upload. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. You can wait around, of visit the Operations or Administration wings of the Personnel Module. Operations is to the left, Administration is to the right.

After wasting about 30 minutes, return to the Data Transfer Device and collect it, then return to the Station Hub.

Operations Wing

Inside Operations, there are multiple points of interest you’ll want to explore. First, there are the recoverable AR data nodes. Check these locations for a recorded timeline of events.

  • Fitness Center
  • Offices
  • Cargo
  • Showers
  • Personal Quarters

To find extra info (represented by icons on the recorded timeline) just stop the recording and find the corresponding character. Interact with their AR representation to recover data and learn more about what’s going on with the crew.

In the Locker Room, access Sareh’s locker with the door code: 0315. Access Clive’s locker with the door code: 1407.

In Clive’s Personal Quarters, you’ll find a locked bunk drawer under his bed. Get the physical key from Clive’s Locker in the Locker Room [1407] to unlock it.

Administration Wing

Find recoverable AR data in various rooms in the Administration Wing. After recovering the main set of data in the lobby, you’ll be able to piece together four “broken” or missing data nodes on the timeline. Rewind and visit all the different personnel and interact to find extra messages.

  • Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Conference Room

To access the Administrator’s Office in the Conference Room, rewind the AR data and watch as she enters the code. The code is: 1228. The code is also written on the note inserted “The Bell Jar”, a book in St. James’ bunk.

There’s another AR recording in the Personal Quarters.

Biomedical Module

Next stop is the Biomedical Module, accessible from the Station Hub. Like the Personnel Module, you’ll need to plug your Data Transfer Device into the terminal and wait thirty minutes.¬† Also, like the Personnel Module, there are two wings to visit; Medical and Botany.

When the upload is complete, detach the transfer device and head out for the final location — the Engineering Module.

Botany Wing

Time to start uncovering AR data nodes. Find recoverable data in these rooms;

  • Lobby / Tea Garden / Irrigation / Food Supply
  • Personal Quarters

To enter Irrigation, use the door code: 0281. Find it written on a note stuck to the painting hanging in the Botanist’s Office.

The AR data in the lobby is long and complex, and features multiple small sub-stories when the crew parts ways. Make sure to visit Irrigation, Food Supply and the Tea Garden to get a full picture of the crew in crisis.

Medical Wing

The AR data you can recover is just as integral to the story in the Medical Wing. Find nodes in these rooms;

  • Lobby / Medical Storage / Exam Facilities
  • Personal Quarters

In the Exam Facilities room, unlock the “Recent Body Scan Records” terminal with the password: 2080. The Supply Locker key is found in the Medical Office, inside the desk drawer.

Engineering Module

Access the Engineering Module from the Central Hub, and attach your Data Transfer Device into the red-square slot one more time. Once again, there’s a timer — only about 15 minutes this time. Might as well investigate the station instead of just waiting around.

There are two wings; Mechanical Engineering and Network Technology. Network Technology is disabled, for now, so enter Mechanical Engineering first. The Network Technology Wing unlocks when the transfer is complete.

Mechanical Engineering Wing

You know what to do — find the recorded AR nodes and recover them, then track down the various crew members to discover their secrets. Find nodes in these rooms;

  • Lobby / Workshop / Drone Bay
  • Personal Quarters
  • Maintenance Hatch

To open the locked door and enter the Maintenance Passage in the Drone Bay, use the door code: 0809.

  • NOTE: Remember that note in Operations Wing? About a missing gold wedding ring? You can find it on the pipes in the maintenance passage. Look up at the pipes directly beneath the entrance door to the Mechanical Engineering Wing.

Network Technology Wing

The Network Technology Wing door will unlock after plugging in the data transfer device and waiting about 15 minutes. Here, your goal is to access the AI Wetware. You can follow the signposts or explore further — there are two rooms on your way; the Network Specialist Office, and the Personal Quarters.

Find AR data to recover in the following rooms;

  • Network Specialist Office
  • Upper Lobby
  • AI Wetware Center

There’s more to discover in this relatively small section.

  • NOTE: The Christmas Duck lamp is found in the Network Technology Personal Quarters. In the back corner, near the bunk, remove the hate and junk from the tall stack of crates until you reveal the Christmas Duck. Light it up! This is a little Easter egg fans of Gone Home just might appreciate.

Enter the restricted area upstairs and access the Station AI Wetware Release Interface. Back in the central chamber, the AI Wetware will rise up from the floor. Input the PIN provided by the Release Interface terminal (0451).

Leaving Tacoma

Once you collect the AI wetware medium, grab your AI Transfer Device in the Engineering Module lobby and return to your vessel in the Station Hub. Back at the Docking Access, you can recover a new AR recording.

When you’re done with the final AR recording, return to the Docking Access area and back into your vessel. Insert the AI wetware into the strange slot, return to your pilot seat, and take off for new horizons.

That’s everything you need to know about Tacoma! Got any questions? Drop us a comment and we’ll try to get you an answer.