Cave Story: How To Get All Endings | Endings Guide

Cave Story has three endings and how to get each ending will be determined by what you do and the sequences taken throughout the video game. If you’re looking to get a specific ending then feel free to look at our guide down below.

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Bad Ending

The bad ending is by far the easiest to get and likely the first ending you’ll go through within the video game.

Within the Egg Corridor, Kazuma asks the player if they wish to escape the island. You must select “Yes”. From there, walk through the newly opened door and continue right until they meet Kazuma. You must talk to Kazuma who will tell you to get on the Sky Dragon.

Normal Ending

Again much like the bad ending, players will be asked by Kazuma in the Egg Corridor if he would like to escape the island. It doesn’t matter if you accept or not, as if you accept, you can ignore him afterward so you don’t end up fleeing on the Sky Dragon.

The next part of to reach the normal ending is to defeat the Undead Core. Once defeated, the research team had successfully got the helicopter to run while Sue and the protagonist awoke from being unconscious.

Once you leave the Throne Room, Sue alerts the player to make a run for it. You’ll continue left while attempting to avoid the blocks falling to the ground until you manage to reach a statue and a dead end. Sue mentions that they have to jump, so you must jump out as far as you can, triggering the normal ending.

Best Ending

The best ending is a bit tougher to get as there are a few more things you must do specifically before you are able to get the ending.

For instance, you will need the Booster v2.0 which can only be obtained if you do not talk to Professor Booster until the return to Mimiga Village.

Curly Brace must also be saved which means skipping Professor Booster in the Labyrinth. When she sacrifices herself, you must take the Tow Rope and use it to save Curly Brace and drain the water from her within the Waterway. You must also carry Curly out of the Waterway Cabin and restore her memories by using Ma Pignon.

After saving Curly Brace, players must speak with her to receive the Iron Bond as well, which is a requirement to receive the best ending.

If you’ve done the requirements mentioned above, the door to the Prefab Building will be open during the run sequence after defeating the Undead Core. Once within the building, there will be an opening in the floor which will allow players to find the imprisoned Ballos to defeat. After defeating Ballos, the best ending will be triggered.