Outlast 2: How to Solve Every Puzzle | All Solutions Guide

If the murderous cultists weren’t enough, you’ll also have to deal with puzzles while running for your life in Outlast 2. Between bouts of short-distance sprinting and hiding, you’ll sometimes encounter more complex scenarios.

Instead of simply avoiding danger, you’ll need to find hooks, reactivate generators, or collect ropes to access new areas. These puzzles are only tricky because you’re under so much pressure — all that darkness doesn’t much help either.

Get plenty of help with the guides below, explaining how to overcome every puzzle-like challenge you’ll encounter in the Temple Gate compound.

Puzzle Solutions Guide

Outlast 2 doesn’t feature “puzzles” in the traditional sense, but there are sections where you’ll need special items to proceed. It isn’t always obvious how to get these items or stop the environmental dangers that prevent your progress.

Temple Gate Town Square — How to Turn On the Elevator

Leaving the creepy Heretic Caves, you’ll enter the Temple Gate Town Square section. Here, after crawling into a house basement and taking the stairs up and out, you’ll run into an elevator. The lift isn’t functioning because the generator isn’t on.

To activate the generator, head down into the village. There’s a main road. Sprint past the cultists to the yard with the burning body. Continue up the ramp path to a large factory-like warehouse structure. Go through the open garage door to the right and take the stairs up in the back-right corner.

The stairs lead up to the generator room. Give the generator a good pull, but beware before you leave — when you turn around, a crazy woman is waiting in the doorway. Wait for her to leave, don’t run into her, then go back down.

On the way back to the lift, you’ll encounter Marta. Retreat to the yard with the burning body, lead her up, then jump off the ledge near the fire to reach the main road. Now you’ll be able to safely backtrack to the lift and escape.


The Road to the Mine — How to Stop the Mill

Later in the first Chapter, you’ll enter a second cornfield. Beyond that, you’ll reach a mill. The huge wheel is still spinning, but you’ll need to crawl through it to escape and make more progress. To do that, you’ll need to shut down the mill.

Take the crank from the office to the left of the spinning mill wheel, then go through the exit door on the right of the wheel. Outside, take the stairs up and insert the crank into the slot. Hold interact to turn the wheel and block the water, stopping the wheel.

Now return to the wheel and crawl underneath to continue.

The Road to the Mine — How to Open the Barn Hook Door

In the same section, you’ll continue on to a fork in the road. The left path leads to Marta, and eventually the slaughthouse. The right path leads to the exit barn with a large door you’ll need to push open. To escape, you’ll need to find the hook and use it on the glowing door inside the barn on the right-most path from the fork.

Lure Marta away, then sneak behind her to eventually reach a gruesome slaughterhouse. Walk through the bloody hall of viscera to find a glowing chain. Interact with the chain to pull the hanging carcasses closer, then collect the hook.

Backtrack to the fork in the road, then enter the barn on the far end of the right-most path. Inside, there’s a shutter door. Attach the hook, then use the chains to pull the door open.

Golgotha — Get Bandages To Fix Your Hands

In the Scalled camp, Blake gets crucified in a bloody scene. Once he escapes, he won’t be able to climb up rocks with his bloody, damaged hands. You’ll need to get bandages without your helpful camera.

Stay low and sneak into the camp through the opening in the rocks to the left, straight ahead after you pull yourself off the cross. In this first camp area, you’ll see a Scalled patrol further left. There’s a low, flat-top tent straight ahead, near the fire. That’s where you’ll find the easiest-to-locate bandage.

Grab this bandage, then take the right-path from the camp entrance. Slide under the hollow log and bandage-up here. It’s completely safe. Wait for the second patrolling Scalled to walk by, then exit the log and go behind the flat-topped tent to find a rocky path with bloody handprints. Jump up onto the ledge to escape.

The Last Supper — Where to Find Rope & Escape

Later in Chapter 2: Job, Blake will note he needs a rope to climb down from the shack and reach the docks below. To get that rope, enter the Scalled village — if you looked through the fence earlier in the chapter, you’d see a hanging man. That’s where you need to go.

Navigate the village and sprint up the hill (stick to the left wall) to find a hill that leads up to the first rope interaction point. Remove the rope and then run back down the hill to find the body. Take the noose off the body, then backtrack toward the shack.

Too bad that crossbow-wielding killer and his posse appear. To survive, duck behind the buildings on the right, then sprint to the outhouse. Sprint across the road to the left house, then duck and crawl under the hollow log. Exit the log, then sprint all the way back to the shack. Jump through the window and you’re home free.

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