Outlast 2: Slip and Slide Achievement / Trophy Guide

Master the fine art of slipping and sliding with the “Slip and Slide” achievement / trophy in Outlast 2. Enjoy this tiny bit of levity in an otherwise nauseatingly grim horror adventure — all you have to do is slide for twelve meters straight.

Sliding isn’t a very common move in Outlast 2. You might not even realize you can slide, but all you need crouch while sprinting to initiate a sweet slide. Most of the time, it’s only useful for escaping angry cultists through cracks in the wall or missing sections of fence.

In this instance, we’ll be sliding around on a floor covered in blood. Sounds like fun, right? There’s only one place to earn this achievement / trophy. Check out where to go below.

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“Slip and Slide” Achievement / Trophy Guide

There’s only one location where you can earn this trophy.

  • Requirement: Reach the “Raining Blood” section, available from Chapter Select.

It’s hard to miss. During one of the school dream sequences, the fire alarm will go off and the sprinklers will literally rain blood.

At this point, back up to the wall to give yourself the most room possible, then sprint, duck, and slide. You’ll have all the time in the world to keep making attempts down this hallway, so keep trying until the achievement / trophy pops.

Most of the achievements / trophies in Outlast 2 don’t involve special little challenges like this. You’ll unlock for completing story beats or hitting milestones — using Audio Mode on the camera for so long, crawling for a certain length, or collecting documents and recordings. This might be the only optional, silly, odd challenge. Check out the complete list of trophies here to see what else is available.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked!

  • Slip and Slide
    • Perform a twelve-meter blood slide

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