Games of Glory Open Beta Goes Live With ‘Seamless’ Cross-Platform Play

Competitive F2P team shooter Games of Glory has just entered into open beta, it has emerged. The game lets players become one of 15 powerful warriors, each with a set of unique abilities, and engage in exhilarating arena battles. Five distinct classes are available – tank, support, assassin, carry and scout – to cater to a range of playstyles. Set in a sci-fi universe, Games of Glory also features fast-paced matches that come in lightning fast 3v3 matchups spanning five rounds, or a 4v4 battle arena where the objective is controlling capture points to seize the base of opponents.

Anders Larsson, CEO of development team Lightbulb Crew feels optimistic about the official launch of Games of Glory and its contribution to the MOBA-sphere:

“The highs and lows of competing alongside friends is why we made Games of Glory and we can’t wait to see and hear about the friendships and rivalries alike being forged on the battlefield…Now that the Games of Glory arena gates are open to gamers worldwide we’re already looking forward to what’s to come in the weeks, months and years ahead with new characters, weapons, in-game events, maps, modes and much more. Today is just the beginning of Games of Glory.”

Interested players can take Games of Glory for a spin on Steam and PlayStation 4 right now. Check out the cast of characters below.