Call Of Duty: Black Ops Perks and Pro Perks Multiplayer Guide

Complete Call Of Duty: Black Ops Perks List with details and unlockable enhancements in the multiplayer mode

Multiplayer Perks allow players in Call of Duty: Black Ops to add a bunch of enhancements to customize their characters in multiplayer. Players can equip 3 perks at a time in the game from a total of 15 perks. Here's the complete list of perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Tier 1:

tier 1 perks blackops

Lightweight: Move faster. The speed depends on the equipped weapons mobility
Lightweight Pro: No Damage from falling.

Scavenger: Replenishes your ammunition and lethal grenades when you walk over blue scavenger bags that are dropped by dead players.
Scavenger Pro: Doubles your starting ammo with extra magazines. This also replenishes your tactical grenades.

Ghost: Player is undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird Killstreaks.
Ghost Pro: Player is undetectable by aircraft, dogs, infrared and sentries. Enemies can't see the player's name or a red crosshair while aiming.

Flak Jacket: Greatly reduces explosive damage and allows player to survive any indirect explosive attack.
Flak Jacket Pro: Immune to fire damage and allows players to reset the fuse of a thrown grenade when player picks it up.

Hardline: Reduces the amount of kills required for any killstreak by one.
Hardline Pro: Allows player to choose another random reward from a care package. When player opens a care package, they can either take the reward or try again.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Tier 2:

   tier 2 perks black ops   

Hardened: Increases player's weapons bullet penetration, but it doesn't increase bullet damage.
Hardened Pro: Player's weapons do extra damage to aircraft and turrets. This also reduces flinch when you are shot by someone.

Scout: Enables player to hold their breath longer when steadying a weapon's scope.
Scout Pro: Allows players to switch their weapon faster.

Steady Aim: Increases a weapons hip fire accuracy and also reduces shotgun spread.
Steady Aim Pro: When equipped, this enables players to fire faster after sprinting and recover faster from a knife lunge.

Sleight of Hand: Gives a faster reload time by reducing player's weapons reload time in half.
Sleight of Hand Pro: Allows players to aim down the sight 50% faster than normal. Does not work with weapons with scopes.

Warlord: Allows players to put two attachments to their primary weapon.
Warlord Pro: Players start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade, except smoke.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Tier 3:

      tier 3 perks black ops       

Marathon: Extends players sprint time, but does not increase their speed.
Marathon Pro: Gives players unlimited sprint.

Ninja: Ninja allows players to walk, sprint, and jump almost silently.
Ninja Pro: When players have this equipped enemies will be louder. It also makes players completely silent.

Second Chance: Gives players the ability to survive a normal death by dropping players to the ground. Players can choose their pistol to defend themselves from enemies.
Second Choice Pro: Players can survive a little longer, and teammates can also revive the player.

Hacker: This highlights enemy explosives, equipment, and tactical insertions in a red color.
Hacker Pro: Allows players to sabotage enemy care packages and also turn enemy equipment friendly. This also makes players invisible to motion sensors.

Tactical Mask: Protects players against gas grenades.
Tactical Mask Pro: Reduces the effects of flashbangs and concussion grenades. It also reveals the position of flashed or stunned enemy.