Medal of Honor Warfighter “The Controller” Realty Show Episodes 1 and 2 Released by EA

EA is once again conducting a web series reality show where real-world soldiers are paired with gamers to test their mettle in the virtual and real-life battlefield.

EA is now doing a web based reality show for Medal of Honor Warfighter. Called "The Controller," the show pairs real-life military personnel with gamers to battle it out in both virtual and real-life scenarios for a $50,000 cash prize. 

The show is even hosted by FPSRussia, a YouTube celebrity that really loves guns and is a stereotype of Russian people unto himself. 

The twist in this show is that gamers will be asked to handle "real" FPS scenarios such as shooting real guns, while the military personnel participating will be asked to play Warfighter. Each member must coach and help their team member as best as they can when they're not in their element. 

Watch episode 1 below (gamers handling a real gun to take out a target that's 40-45 meters away).

In the second video, the military people get to play a timed section of Medal of Honor Warfighter's campaign based on the Somalia map. It's quite interesting to see real-life warfighters stumbling at the game, but then again, it's a rude awakening for gamers to see how hard it is to use a gun in real life, too.

Here's episode 2:

Some of you might remember that EA did the same thing with Battlefield 3 last year, too. Now, it might be because I like FPS multiplayer games, but I do dig watching these sort of things unfold.

We'll post the other episodes up once they become available.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is scheduled to ship on October 23 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.