Battlefield 3 Double XP Event to Take Place this Weekend for Premium Members

DICE is holding a double XP event for Battlefield 3 but for Premium members only.

Are you enjoying Armored Kill? If so, you might enjoy it a little more as DICE has announced that a double XP event is set to take place this coming weekend but only if you're a Premium member.

This double XP event applies to all platforms, on any map and any ranked game mode. Here's when you should expect the event to start (via MP1ST):

  • CEST (Stockholm) – 2:00 AM on Saturday the 15th
  • EDT (US) – 8:00 PM on Friday the 14th
  • CDT (US) – 7:00 PM on Friday the 14th
  • PST (US) – 5:00 PM on Friday the 14th

For the rest of the world, you can use this time conversion app to know when the event will be live where you are.

While this is once again a Premium-only event, can developers think of more events than just doling out more experience points? What about unique in-game stuff or other things that will entice players to play simultaneously, no? 

Are you planning on participating on this event or have you already reached rank 100? If so, I take it this event is of no use to you, no?