PS Vita Firmware Turns Portable Device into PS3 Controller

Vita is now capable of also playing PSOne games.

Thanks to a PS Vita firmware update recently released by Sony, users can now turn the handheld device into a controller for their PS3, as well as use it to play a number of PSOne Classics games.

Firmware version 1.80 allows for the Wii U-esque utility, as well as a number of other features, including, at long last, the option for d-pad menu navigation. Now, PS Vita owners can enable the d-pad in settings for use in the handheld’s menus, which was heretofore touch screen-only. The device’s maps and web browser have been enhanced as well, with the additions of a jump-to-top button, the ability to use the rear touchpad to scroll, and a new search bar in the top-left corner.

But what might be the real selling point (well, maybe for some of us) is the access this update gives us to a number of PSOne games now available for download. Such titles include Tomb Raider, Wild Arms, Twisted Metal, Arc the Lad, Final Fantasy VII, Jet Moto, Syphon Filter, Cool Boarders 2  and  Hot Shots Golf 2.

Joystiq notes that two games, Cho Aniki and Money Idol Exchanger, PSOne imports published by MonkeyPaw, are downloadable (with Cho Aniki so far confirmed as playable) to the Vita. Neither, they report, is on either an official Sony or MonkeyPaw list of supported games. (FYI: if you’re the type that loves weirdness, you’re going to want to get your hands on Cho Aniki.)

On the other hand, Joystiq also reports that Um Jammer Lammy, another unlisted game, is not available for the Vita, demonstrating that while not all PSOne games are accessible on the handheld, some are but simply haven’t been listed.

Via: Ars Technica