74-Year-Old Grandpa Bids Farewell to The MMO He’s Been Playing Since the 90’S

Gaming has no age!

This 74-Year-Old has been playing a game called Asheron’s Call since it launched in 1999. The granddaughter, who we only know as We Sleep Talk, films the grandpa nostalgically recalling all the adventure he shared with “Friends from England, New York, all over the States”.

As he reminisces about his characters, one made in 2003 another made in 1999, you can imagine the emotions he must be feeling, since Asheron’s call is set to no longer be supported.

Towards the end of the video, he humorously recalls late one night that he got smashed and went online, only to lose all his gear – story of my life gramps, except replace “gear” with Cellphone, wallet and ID.

Sad, the video kinda makes me feel like I want to start a petition just to keep the game running for the sweet Grandad.