New Super Mario Bros 2 Secret World Unlock Guide

Wondering how to unlock the secret worlds in New Super Mario Bros 2? This guide should help.

New SMB 2

As I mentioned in a previous guide, the new Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS is not without its secrets. In fact, there’s a multitude of worlds you can unlock throughout the game which provide a wealth of additional content for Mario (or his brother Luigi) to play through once you’re done with the standard campaign.

These secret worlds include Mushroom World, Flower World, an equally special Star World, and a host of Rainbow Levels.

Unlocking Mushroom World

To get to the secret Mushroom World, you’ll have to complete World 1’s Cannon running level. To access the Cannon itself takes a bit of exploring, and the only way to it is through a secret exit in World 1-Fortress.

Here’s a guide put together by Gamexplain that (like the channel’s name suggests) explains how you can find the secret exit, which is located slightly after the mid-level checkpoint.

Unlocking Flower World

The Flower World is slightly harder to locate, but like the Mushroom World, you’ll have to access it through the Cannon running level. In this case, you’ll have to finish World 3’s Cannon running level, which can only be accessed in a secret exit in World 3-Fortress.

The secret exit can only be accessed when you’re in the form of Mini Mario so be sure to have a Mini Mushroom before entering the level. You can acquire one through the Mushroom House or from level 3-B.

Follow the instructions in the video below to reach the cannon.

Unlocking Star World

Last but not least is the secret Star World, which in order to unlock you’ll have to complete the game and defeat Bowser first. The world will unlock after you complete World 6 in its entirety, with a message informing you that “Star World has appeared!”

Once it’s unlocked, you can select it from your world overview. You’ll have to pay a 90 Star Coin fee to access it.


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