Wasteland 2 Alpha Screenshot Revealed

In the orange heart of the apocalypse.

It might seem odd to report on a screenshot being released, but when you're talking about a sequel to the title that created the post-apocalyptic genre, excitement is definitely warranted. An alpha screenshot of Wasteland 2 has appeared, ready and waiting for fan input. Brian Fargo, Executive Producers of Wasteland and Fallout and subsequent head of the Wasteland 2 team, mentioned how "alien" it feels for him to be showing off a screen capture this early in the development cycle. Such is the way of Kickstarter.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Things like particle effects and post-processing are currently missing, and will dramatically change the finished product. If you're worried about the color pallete being too vibrant or orange, Fargo has stressed that this is just one of many environments the player will encounter in Wasteland 2. He also mentioned that the camera angle is adjustable and players can adjust the settings for a more top-down view.

Wasteland 2 is a sequely to the first ever post-apocalyptic PC role-playing game. It was the inspiration for many RPGs that followed, including the Fallout series, and truly set the tone for what it means to roam a wasteland.