Microsoft aborted cross-platform online gaming project?

The concept was to allow cross-platform online gaming with games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament

pc vs console

An intriguing story has come to our notice, Rahul Sood, Voodoo PC founder and current CTO of gaming at HP, has revealed that a few months ago an interesting project was underway at Microsoft which would’ve allowed PC gamers to square off against console players. Well, the reason the idea of multi-platform online gaming never really materialized was due to the fact that during testing, the PC gamers cleaned Xboxers’ clocks.

The concept was to bridge the gap between Xbox Live and Windows Live, allowing players from both platforms to play games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Sood writes,

I’ve heard from reliable sources that during the development they brought together the best console gamers to play mediocre PC gamers at the same game… and guess what happened? They pitted console gamers with their “console” controller, against PC gamers with their keyboard and mouse.
The console players got destroyed every time. So much so that it would be embarrassing to the XBOX team in general had Microsoft launched this initiative.

We are pretty sure this does not imply that PC gamers are better than console gamers, but it just comes down to the fact that they have a higher developed skill-set thanks to a more precise input method i.e Keyboard and Mouse.

via Gizmodo