Revolutionary Soft-Body Physics Demonstration in Cry Engine 3

This soft-body physics demonstration puts to shame most damage engines in racing games.

The team that created Rigs of Rods—an open source vehicle simulator based on soft-body physics—has taken its work to Crytek's powerful CryEngine 3 to produce one of the most astounding technical demos to date.

The demo shows off a pickup truck as it drives over bumpy terrain and into walls, and crumples just as a real vehicle would in such scenarios. The soft-body physics engine allows the developers to create a realistic simulation wherein the damage done to the vehicle is neither pre-rigged or pre-animated.

You might think that it makes the vehicle look like it's made out of paper, but recall that most vehicles are made out of the same material they use on biscuit tins, so it's not too far off the mark.