Sony Pulls Super Collapse 3 From PSN

Sony has pulled Super Collapse 3 from the PSN for providing a backdoor to hackers.

PS Vita

After internet reports that it could be used to exploit and hack the troubled-enough-as-it-is PlayStation Vita, Sony pulled PSP puzzler Super Collapse 3 form the PlayStation Network, reports GamePolitics.

The issue here for consumers is if they purchased that particular game and by some chance need to re-download it, they can't.

That's unfortunate, but to be completely honest, Sony probably doesn't really care about the woes of the three people who downloaded Super Collapse 3; which is sort of a joke and sort of not, becuase PSN sales are largely theorized to be minimal.

There's a point where as a hardware manufacturer, you need to look out for the integrity of your hardware. I imagine Sony will fight to it's last breath to keep a piracy situation comparable to the PSP from overtaking the Vita. That's completely fair.

People hear this and take issue with Sony, but the problem is so much bigger than Sony. Imagine developing a PSP game that barely breaks even, but projections say it was pirated at least five million times? That hurts; that's heart breaking.