Nexon Announces Shadow Company: The Mercenary War for 2012

Nexon plans to release an online FPS called Shadow Company.

shadow company the mercenary

Nexon has announced a new multiplayer online game in the vein of Counter-Strike called Shadow Company: The Mercenary War.

Partnering with Nexon is the Korean developer Doobic Game Studios, which is developing the game with the Unreal Engine 3. This free-to-play FPS is said to offer weather effects, dynamic lighting, realistic character animation, and up to 24 players per game.

"‘Shadow Company: The Mercenary War’ represents the exceedingly high level of quality we strive for in the games we publish," said Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim. "Robust graphics and innovative gameplay combined with solid multiplayer options make ‘Shadow Company: The Mercenary War’ a perfect fit for players in North America."

Nexon will be publishing the game worldwide, in North America, Europe and Japan later this year. There's no word on what platforms the game is set to launch for.