Skyrim Secrets: Dragon Armor, Perk Constellations and Dragon Shout Strength

Fans have uncovered a variety of secrets about Skyrim, previously unrevealed by Bethesda.

skyrim dragon shout

Like many other big games, Skyrim's colossal fanbase has a tendency to speculate on the features and would-be qualities of the game without any official word from Bethesda whatsoever. 

Some of the secrets they manage to uncover prove true, while others remain but hopeful ideas as to what the final game will contain. 

Compiled here are some secrets discovered by Skyrim's fans, and verified through careful inspection of screenshots and gameplay videos alike.

Dragon Armor is Craftable

Players who specialize in the Smithing skill may gain access to a high-level perk called "Create Dragon armor and weapons at forges. Improve by double." The fan who made the discovery argues that it does not seem fair that the best armor would be exclusive to smiths, and speculates that it may be possible for an NPC to craft the armor, or find it as a loot drop. 

That said, there's no reason why a player who specializes in Smithing shouldn't receive one of the best armors in the game. After all, if the skill could simply be replaced by discovery, it would leave very little incentive for players to pursue the skill. Top-tier stuff should, after all, be your reward for investing heavily into Smithing.

Fluid Perk Constellations 

A fan points out two videos (0:38 in this one, and 1:26 in this other) the differences between the constellations.

The first player displays a skill level of Conjuration 55, Destruction 93, Restoration 75; while the second player has a skill level of Conjuration 26, Destruction 56, Restoration 24. 

We know that perks define our characters as individuals, but what's surprising is that the constellation structures may possibly reflect the development of our characters. 

It's hard to tell if this is truly the case without further examples, but the idea that Bethesda could have implemented a fluid constellation that changes with your progress remains a distinct possibility—and a nice touch, should it actually be in there.

Dragon Shout Strength

In the so-called "Brutal Takedowns" video, where the player character performs a variety of execution moves upon his opponents, he uses his Dragon Shout to freeze his enemies. 

The player can be heard shouting "Es" and "Es Sah Doos" while charging up the ice form Dragon Shout attack, giving rise to the possibility that the completed sentence, or "Es Sah Doos" is more powerful than the mere "Es" or "Es Sah".

One wonders if there might be a "Ha Dou Ken" in the game at some point.