Left 4 Dead 3: A Very Real Possibility?

People have been speculating since 2011, and they think it’s long overdue. Is the franchise worth reviving, or has it been left for dead?

In the not so distant past, it was starting to look like Turtle Rock Studios and Valve had a rocky relationship, and that they might not even work together again. It’s been almost six years since the last Left 4 Dead installment, but rumor has it that Left 4 Dead 3 is in the works.

While neither Turtle Rock nor Valve want to admit that they’re going to collaborate on Left 4 Dead 3, Turtle Rock Studios co-founder Chris Ashton commented last December that he was not ruling out the possibility of working with Valve again. Ashton’s comment may have sparked a new hope in the hearts of fans of the franchise everywhere. Valve still holds the intellectual property rights to the game, and technically gets to dictate the direction it will go.

People have been speculating since 2011, but Valve has said nothing yet. According to Ashton, a lot of people on his Turtle Rock Studios team would jump on the opportunity to work on Left 4 Dead again. Dare we hold our collective breath? Many of us have waited for new installments of well-loved franchises for far longer. Turtle Rock seems pretty game for it, and they probably have plenty of time on their hands, now that they’re done with their pet project, Evolve. Would it be too much to expect the long-overdue Left 4 Dead 3?