Dragon Age 3 Inquisition: Take Out Dragons In Their Lairs

Also, get hype for the reveal in Gamescom a little over a week from now.

We have new details for you for Dragon Age Inquisition. This time, we’re talking about the actual dragons.

To be specific, we’re talking about taking down dragons in their lairs. Unfortunately, if and when you do run across young dragons, you will have to kill them. If it helps you out, at least unlike in Monster Hunter, the kid dragons will be trying to kill you anyway.

The interesting thing is that each dragon has different personalities and behaviors, which basically mirrors how animals are like in real life.  Sometimes they are out and about, sometimes they skulk in their lairs, as the stereotype holds.

You will be able to easily identify these lairs, since there will be eggs around it. You will also recognize when it roars, and it will breathe fire.

The actual combat itself will be really game-y. Each limb has a health bar, and the dragon itself will have a really huge life bar. You will need to take out each limb one at a time to open up opportunities to deal bigger damage, when you can finally strike its head.

Some of these dragon battles will be harder than others. If you remember the E3 preview, the one dragon there took longer to take out than in previous Dragon Age games.

We’ll cap this off with Bioware’s own tease for Gamescom. Nine days from now, fans will get to see and even play a demo of Dragon Age Inquisition, and it will be the first time many fans get to see it up close. What are you looking forward to in the demo?

Dragon Age Inquisition is coming November 18 to Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.