Dark Souls 2 Starting Class / Customization / Gifts Guide

Take a quick look at the details for starting out From Software’s open world action game.

We have some info on the class details and customization options when you start Dark Souls 2. This information isn’t new, but it’s been organized for easy perusal.

These are the starting classes (names translated from Japanese):

·         Warrior

The Warrior has high strength and dexterity, making it easy to meet starting requirements on weapons, therefore good for making high quality builds at the onset.

Apparently, the double bladed weapon we shared a while back will have quality scale. This refers to how weapons scale with strength and dexterity. Lances may also have the same quality. These are the kinds of weapons the Warrior can easily earn and train for.

·         Knight

The Knight has high vigor and adaptation, allowing him to withstand many hits. The Knight is not equipped with a shield, so you’ll need to play cautiously at the onset. Anyway, finding one will not take long. Has very high faith. The Knight has potential as a tank or a Temple Knight.

·         Bandit

The bandit has high dexterity and uses a bow. He can deal with threats at long and short ranges. This is suitable for a Dexterity build. This class may have been combined with the previous Hunter class.

·         Swordsman

The Swordsman is skilled at wielding two weapons in each hand at one time. He uses a longsword and upgraded scimitar at the onset. This class may start out with high dexterity and strength, as well as high agility for roll speed.

·         Priest

The Priest has learned healing miracle at the start of the game, and has high faith to keep miracles going. Has one essence flask and life gems to begin with, but of course, healing will serve this class well at the start.

·         Sorcerer

The Sorcerer as high sorcery and attunement. Has Soul Arrow and is good at long range combat.  With the Soul Arrow, this is a good beginner class to deal with bigger early bosses.

·         Explorer

The Explorer does not excel in any particular area, but has the advantage at the start thanks to all the gadgets at his disposal. These include firebombs, effigies, urns, etc. This might not be that great an option, considering you will inevitably use up said items.

·         Deprived

The Deprived fights empty handed, starts Level One and can go in any direction. This is the class to go for Soul Level One playthroughs, since it’s the only way you can do it. He literally has no weapons or protective clothing, but bare fists can deal sufficient damage. It’s not known for sure, but strength may be a modifier for fist attack power.

Customization options include tattoos, beards, etc., almost at Skyrim level. Very little is confirmed beyond this.

Now, about gifts. Some gifts have been confirmed, namely, Black Firebomb, Human Effigy, Ring of Life, Article of Healing, Giant Seed, and a mysterious pendant item which ‘might be useful one day.’ Hopefully, this isn’t a cruel joke.

Dark Souls 2 is coming March 11 to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows.