Rumor: Big Xbox One Reveal Coming Tomorrow, All Signs Point to Halo 5

A countdown clock has been discovered that might just unveil a massive Xbox One title.

We haven’t even started the New Year, and Microsoft is already preparing for a big Xbox One announcement that will affect 2014. A website titled, “Dawn of 2014” has been discovered, and while there’s very little that can be gathered from the bland layout of the site, it looks as if we'll be getting a fresh game reveal tomorrow.

As of this writing, we’re about 26 hours away from learning what this “Dawn” is all about. A desert can be seen in the background of the site, which could be a hint toward Halo 5. If you remember the E3 trailer, Master Chief was traveling through a dry, sandy locale similar to what the site is displaying. The phrase "He returns… exclusive on Xbox One!" can also be seen in the tab description. 

What are your guesses for this Xbox One announcement? We won’t have to wait too much longer to learn if this is a legitimate Microsoft surprise or just a fan-made goof.