Call of Duty: Ghosts Best Loadout and Class Guide

Get ready for the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts tomorrow by choosing the best loadout and class to use

As Call of Duty: Ghosts nears its release for current-generation consoles and on the PC, we examing the best loadouts and class in this guide. It is no doubt that Call of Duty is a popular franchise with a huge number of players. It makes a difference to have the best loadout and choose the right class before each match. 

Check this guide out regularly as we update this in the next days…

In this video, the player equipped a Honey Badger Assault Rifle with an integrated silencer that keeps shots off the radar. It is also possible to choose the camoflouge of your weapon and some need to be unlocked by achieving milestones or performing activities. The one selected here is "Trail" and can be unlocked if you get 35 kills with a weapon shortly after reloading.

The attachments included is the foregrip that reduces recoil. He also equipped extended mags to have 50% more ammo in each magazine. It's always better to have more ammo with you because players can jump you when you are reloading.

Players can also choose the types of strike packages they will have from assault, support, and specialist. They are classified under three, nine, and fifteen point categories. 

The perks chosen for this loudout enables faster reloading, aiming, and weapon ready after spring. In addition, a perk to resupply ammo from dead players, increased weapon focus, and random spawn perk is included.