Batman Arkham Origins: Anarky Tag Locations Guide

When you decide to try for that Anarky side mission, open this page up for quick reference.

We have for you today a master list of all the locations with the Anarky tags for Batman Arkham Origins.

As a brief review, Anarky is an atypical Batman villain, a radical antiauthoritarian who espouses violence to take down big institutions, like the state. In game, he’s a domestic terrorist wanted for trespassing and destruction of public property, but is just about to start bombing building when you intervene.

Without revealing too much about Anarky, we can tell you you will need to know where these tags are located and scan them to stop the bombs. The tags are actually well hidden, and true to the times, they also sport Anarky’s personal brand; his characteristic red logo.

You can watch the video here, and read a description of each area for quick reference below. Just leave this page open when you’re ready to go at it, and remember, Ctrl + F is your friend.

GCPD New Gotham Precinct, Burnley

There is a walkable area here a few floors above.

Hamilton Hill, Burnley

You will have to get down from the rooftops to a small corner hidden between buildings. Just keep jumping down a few floors.

Gotham City Royal Hotel, Diamond District

This one is really hard to find, but basically it’s a very narrow corner hidden away from the outside, and only accessible via a rooftop that you will have to swoop down from to get there.

Gotham City News, Diamond District

This one’s pretty interesting, as it is accessible from the Gotham City News’ front entrance. It’s still well hidden, though; you’ll need to use your Batclaw to hoist yourself a few floors up to its location.

Gotham City Cinema, Diamond District

This one’s pretty cute; the tag is hidden in a movie poster, with the A in the movie title ‘EX-MAS’ tagged with the symbol. You can scan the tag from the ground when you walk up to the cinema entrance.

Gotham City Daily, Diamond District

This is another relatively hidden location, at the front door where they deliver the papers out from. Just walk up the stairs to get to it.

Soder Cola, Diamond District

You will want to swoop down to the right side of the building where the Soder Cola logo is flashing brightly. When you get down, just walk a little bit more and you’ll see the tag.

Furniture Company, Diamond District

Nothing spectacular here, just jump across a short wall and walk towards the side where there’s a hidden wall on the right. The tag is right there.

Cale-Anderson, Coventry

You will have to walk to the gate but not cross it; the tag is on the right wall.

Lacey Towers, Coventry

This one’s interesting, as there’s a huge pipe a few meters above and connecting two building in Lacey Towers. One side of the building has a grid you can walk on if you reach it via Batclaw. The tag is also right there.

Wayne Enterprises, Coventry

Walk up to the gates of your own building, where there is a truck. The tag is just above that truck, and you’ll need to get up there to scan it.

Trident Labs, Coventry

This one’s a little hard to find again. Basically, you’ll need to find where the big sewage hole is. You can only get there by getting to the roof and jumping down. You won’t need to enter the hole; the tag is just in front of its entrance, on the ground.

Mendo Soap, Coventry

Starting from the right of the building, walk up to the back where the pipes are, and the tag will just be there when you turn the corner.

Amerteck Industries, Industrial District

Using your Batclaw, get to the roof of the building, right up to where the Amertek logo is. The tag is at the right hand side of the logo.

Sionis Steel Mill, Industrial District

This tag is near the main gate, but that’s not where you’re going. You actually want to go past the smaller gate to its right, where the tag is close by. You’re Batman, so just jump over the gate.

Wonder Tower, Sheldon Park

Once again, Anarky’s tag is a few floors up. Swoop down from the opposite building to some railing, and get past it and walk to the tag.

Gotham Light & Power, Sheldon Park

Another apparently impossible location. There’s a pipe with a barely accessible grid you can get to via swooping down. When you get to the grid, look to the left and the tag is there.

Gotham Merchants Bank, The Bowery

The tag is on the roof of the bank. Walk to the part of the roof where there is some railing, then jump up to the right hand side of that railing. The tag is nearby.

Carmine Hotel, The Bowery

The tag is located out of the way, easily found on the right hand side. When you turn around a wall, you’ll find it across some garbage.

Ace Chemicals, Park Row

Coming from the building from the opposite side, swoop down towards the right of the Ace Chemicals building, then walk until you see the bottom of the right wall. You’ll see the tag there.

Monarch Theatre, Park Row

This time, you need to get to the back, near the water tower. Swoop your way down a little bit and walk towards the tag.

Solomon Wayne Courthouse, Park Row

Swoop down to the right of the courthouse, in between it and the Mendo Soap building. You’ll see a passageway when you get to the floor. Just walk a few steps and you’ll see the tag between two columns.

Gotham Casino, Amusement Mile

Not hard to find. Walk towards the parking entrance of the casino, and under the arch. You’ll see the tag just above.

Dixon Docks, Amusement Mile

This is a really hard place to find, but basically this tag is on a wall at ground level, in between some shipping containers. There are no distinguishing marks for the area, unfortunately, so please use the video for reference.