Halo 4: Mark V Spartan Armor Surfaces

Here’s a first look at Halo 4’s new Mark V Spartan Armor.

343 Industries released a trailer for the upcoming Champions DLC for Halo 4 earlier this month. The game, which has since seen multiple DLC releases that have added maps, missions, and a host of weapon and armor skins, will be seeing a three new additions—all of which are contained within the aforementioned Champions DLC bundle.

The Champions DLC bundle contains the Bullseye Pack, the Infinity Armor Pack, and the Steel Skin Pack. It also includes two new maps, one of which is a remake of the popular Halo 3 map, The Pit. Altogether, the Champions DLC is set to cost 800 MS Points and is a bargain when compared to purchasing each smaller pack separately.

A screenshot of Halo 4's new Mark V armor from the previous games has since surfaced. Seen above, it's one of the new armor sets that will be available in the DLC pack.

"Finally, a Spartan," wrote one user of the new armor. "Gen2 armors look too slim in my opinion, They just don't have this feel of a giant, bulky Spartan from CE, 2, 3 and especially Reach."

The DLC is out on August 20.