Team Fortess 2 Update Adds Two Community Maps, Old Map Patching

Two community made maps enter the TF2 map rotation.

From when Team Fortress 2 received its first hat update, to the crafting system, to the new weapons, the core game changed significantly. Valve designed the maps to accommodate the weapons and equipment that initially shipped with the game; they didn't expect to create maps that would see entirely weapons for each class.

With the latest update, Valve aims to fix any exploits or bugs players discovered in maps both new and old. In maps such as Badwater, Valve went through each map and fixed all known bugs or exploits player would never find in older builds of the game.

Along with the fixes, Valve will also add two new community made maps to the official rotation. The two new capture point maps, Process and Standin, come courtesy of map maker, Ian Cuslidge. Process will place 5 points to capture where as Standin will place 3 capture points.

The updates will also include a lengthy list of more detailed fixes that Valve will release in the near future. 

Source: Valve