PES 2014 Video Explains FOX Engine and Ball Handling Features

Six minute video explaining the new features in PES 2014.

The rival soccer game, PES 2014, explains the instalment's newest features in a six minute video.

For PES 2014 developers PES Productions will use the FOX Engine (the same engine used for Metal Gear Solid 5) to bring next-gen equivalent visuals to the soccer franchise. With the new engine, the developers hope to recreate facial reactions of player and even show details such as the sweat rolling down a player's face. The FOX Engine will also allow the developers to apply detailed textures to soccer balls, equipment and grass.

Moving away from visuals, PES 2014 will also bring improvements to the ball handling with the introduction of the TrueBall Tech. The new system allows for a 360 degree range of control meters away from the player. Through the Barycenter, the physics engine will control the player's weight shifting separate from the ball movement for the most accurate feeling.  

The improved physics engine ensures that players react accordingly in the situation instead of predetermined animations. This enables players to recreate fights for the ball that look and feel authentic.

For more information on the newest features and improvements, the above video provides both video and text information.

PES 2014 will launch September 20th.