NetherRealm Teases New DLC Skins for Injustice; Here’s My Guesses on Who They Are

Speculation is fun!


NetherRealm teased new character skins for four of their fighters today. In a post on Injustice’s Facebook page, NetherRealm gave fans a peek at the downloadable skins, promising to reveal the full outfits over the course of the next few days. Based on this image that they uploaded, do you have any guesses as to which characters these outfits belong to?

Here are my thoughts…

The first image seems to clearly show Cyborg in one of his older outfits. Probably one of the two easier outfits to guess, it looks to be showing part of Cyborg’s shoulder in the teaser shot.

The next outfit is the second of the easier teaser shots. The pattern should be instantly recognizable to those of us who grew up watching the Batman animated series. Harley Quinn’s classic black and red costume is sure to be one of the more popular skins once it becomes available for download.

The third costume is a bit tricky, but I think I have a pretty good guess as to which character it is. The giveaway is the little bit of chainmail that we see on the bottom-left corner of the teaser shot. The materials of the outfit and the color combination lead me to believe that this is a drastically less garish version of Deathstroke’s classic outfit. Probably a good decision to tone down that orange… I wouldn’t think that it would fit into the Injustice aesthetic.

The last image didn’t take me long to figure out. There was a lot of talk and heated debate when J. Michael Straczynski revealed Jim Lee’s new design for Wonder Woman a few years ago. Designed with a modern-woman image, she was given an outfit that would ground her in today’s time. “What if Wonder Woman first appeared in the 21st century?” This outfit was short lived, since DC rebooted their franchises. Wonder Woman was then given an outfit more in-line with her classic look. Her leather jacket was popular among some, but it kept reminding me of Superboy’s  “unfashionable” era…

These downloadable skins don’t have a release date yet, but NetherRealm is releasing Lobo as DLC for Injustice on May 7th.