New Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Gameplay and Animated Cutscenes

Both Apollo and Phoenix appear as playable characters.


Capcom has released a new trailer for their next entry in the Ace Attorney franchise.

Besides the new 3D character models, the trailer shows off a few features that are new to the series. While investigating locations, it appears that you have a fully-rotatable, 360 degree view, rather than the static backgrounds of the previous games. The trailer also gives us a peek into the UI of the device that will be able to read the emotions of those on trial. We also seem to be getting animated cutscenes for the first time in the Ace Attorney series.

Apollo Justice also appears to be a playable character, splitting the duties with his mentor/uncle-figure Phoenix Wright. It's very possible that Apollo will only be playable for the first case though. In the trailer, we see him face off against Winston Payne, the prosecutor that the protagonists face against in the first case of every game (complete with new wig). Seeing as though the character art shows Apollo covered in bandages, it's safe to assume something happens to him that Phoenix will likely have to investigate.

The very end of the trailer gives us some screenshots of pre-order DLC. Alternate costumes are provided for the characters in the form of Phoenix's classic suit, a casual outfit for Apollo, and a schoolgirl uniform for our new female partner.

Ace Attorney 5's Japanese release date is July 25th. It has been previously announced that Capcom is planning to release Ace Attorney 5 in the west, but no release date has been given yet.