Latest Wasteland 2 Update Details Weapons, DRM

A new update for the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter has been released to bring backers closer to the development.

An update for inXile’s wildly popular Kickstarter project, Wasteland 2, has just been released. The team being “knee-deep in production” over the past few months has reduced the regularity of updates, but this latest check-in is filled to the brim with weapon information, DRM discussion, and a request of fan-made assets.

While inXile has been away, the studio has hit all of the following major milestones that it previously discussed on its Kickstarter page:

  • All 14 major areas have been blocked out with the base level geometry.
  • Stitched together all areas to form a cohesive flow.
  • 95 percent of all conversation encounters are placed and working.
  • Core AI system is built and fully functional. These tools allow the designers to build, modify and tune many of the AI behaviors.
  • Inventory system is fully functional.

Now, we’ve seen some gameplay and alpha screenshots in the past, but little has been said on the weaponry featured in the game. The armaments of Wasteland 2 are divided into multiple classes, each with their own unique progression system. No matter what weapon you wish to wield, there will be viable strong of upgrades and maneuversto accompany it. Whether it’s sniper rifles, submachine guns, blunt weapons, bladed weapons, brawling weapons, anti-tank, demolitions, energy weapons, or rifles you want to use, they will be effective.

Not all roles will be set in stone, and of course, some weapons will be better than others in specific situations. However, the team at inXile is hoping to satisfy all fan needs with the way combat is structured.

At this time, Wasteland 2 has been confirmed on Steam, Origin, and GOG. The DRM-free version will be on GOG, but the team is always looking to other services to feature the product. An always-online connection won’t be included, and currently, any plans for DLC or an expansion are on the back burner.

With 61,290 total backers, plenty of eyes will be on Wasteland 2 as it exits pre-production and begins its journey to completion.