Metal Gear Solid 5’s Chronological Trailer Examined

Reddit user gives detailed breakdown of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.

Reddit user IXIJacquesIXI has posted an indepth-look at Metal Gear Solid 5's chronological trailer warning that there might be spoilers for some in his analysis.

Since it was revealed that Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain were both part of Metal Gear Solid 5 Jacques has laid out a comprehensive review of what can be determined the footage released for both.

In Ground Zeroes Jacques writes "Big Boss/Snake is wearing a Sneaking Suit and has a FOX patch. 'Snake is back on "FOX".' Either Snake is a double – a member of both the Fox Unit and Militaires Sans Frontiere – or this is a play on words," a reference to the fact the game is being developed with Kojima's Fox engine. "It is also possible that MSF is working together with FOX."

Jacques goes on to note that "It has been commonly believed that Burned Man is talking to Chico about Paz, but I believe that hs is, in fact, talking about Amanda Valenciano Libre (Chico's older sister). It wouldn't make any sense for Chico to care whatsoever about Paz or for him to cooperatie with FOX because Burned Man is threatening to torture her. Amanda, on the other hand, would have plenty of incentive for Chico to cooperate."

He also asks what the orange lines at 5:51 and 8:59 in the trailer could indicate though there's no clear information on what they might mean. 

Moving on to The Phantom Pain Jacques says the woman brielfy shown on fire "looks a lot like The Boss, her burning body leaves behind the white flower pedals and Ishmael says 'WE gave her a light'; We? We who? Ishmael and… Big Boss/Snake? Big Boss/Snake didn't even know where she went, so who is this 'we' Ishmael is referring to? I believe this to be another very obivous hint that they are the same person."

Slightly later Big Boss/Snake and Ishmael are cast back by elevator explosion and the scene takes on a sepia tone, focusing on Ishmael who is on fire, once the flames are put out, the scene returns to full colour. "One could argue that the sepia tone could represent being close to death and full colour [represents] being alive, another indicator that Ishmael and Big Boss/Snake are one in the same," Jacques writes.

In addition Jacques to the fact the Big Boss/Snake never touches Ishmael but Ishmael does make physical contact with Big Boss/Snake several times and suggests Ishmael might be a projection of Big Boss generated in order to help him through the ongoing events. Furthermore, Ishmael is with Snake before the ambulance crash but disappears following the crash.

Ishmael meanwhile begins The Phantom Pain gameplay segment wearing two medical bracelets. Jacques notes "the only reason one should wear more than one medical bracelet is if they represent another person who, for whatever reason, is unable to wear a medical bracelet themselves."

IXIJacquesIXI goes into further detail on Reddit and if you're interested in his rundown you can find out more here. PS3 owners can also look forward to the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection which includes most games in the series and will be released this summer.

You can see the full Ground Zeroes gameplay trailer and The Phantom Pain gameplay trailer as well as a Chronological Trailer Edit below.