Battlelog 2 Teaser Image for Battlefield 4 Revealed

Battlefield 4 and BF3 will see a new version of the Battlelog.

battlelog 2

Players of Battlefield 3 on the PC should be well familiar with the Battlelog system, which serves as the game's matchmaking lobby, server finder, and battle log (hence the name) all in one. The system provides players with a log of all their kills, the weapons with which they're most proficient, unlocks, and more.

It should come as no surprise then that EA and DICE are developing a new version of Battlelog, tentatively called Battlelog 2, for the upcoming Battlefield 4. A teaser image of Battlelog 2 was posted on the official @battlelog Twitter account run by DICE and EA, showing the system in action in Battlefield 3. This means that not only will the system be developed for Battlefield 4, it'll also be compatible with the existing BF3.

Unlike the current system which runs as a browser plugin, the new version of Battlelog appears to have an app of its very own so it can be run independently. Only time will tell if this is the case.

Beyond teasing Battlelog 2, the Twitter account confirmed that the developers are also working on an Android version of the Battlelog mobile app.

Battlefield 4 is due for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PLaySation 3 this Fall, with a Beta version planned for Summer. So be sure to clear your schedules for the game's release.