Transistor’s Lead Writer Talks About the Bastion Followup

"We wanted to make a whole new game" says Greg Kasavin.

In an interview with Leviathyn Transistor's lead writer, Greg Kasavin, has said that "nothing was taken for granted" concerning the game's development.

"With Transistor we wanted to make a whole new game, by creating a new setting from scratch and exploring in different directions for the gameplay," Kasavin commented, "Pre-production on Transistor was longer (than on Bastion) and more involved. We had more ideas about the look and feel of the world up front, spent more time defining the characters and the environment.

"We held nothing back with Bastion. I am very happy with how that game turned out and with the response it got. There are no cutting room floor ideas from Bastion that we're putting into Transistor" he revealed.

"Our goal is to make complete-feeling games. If we're successful then there shouldn't feel like anything was missing in the first place, and our subsequent games will just be different, while hopefully still very good in their own right."

Speaking about the game's development and the choice to return to an isometric view point Kasavin said "Nothing on Transistor was taken for granted. Whenever we end up with a similar decision to decisions we made on Bastion it's because we've decided it feels right for this game."

With regard to the development of Red, the game's protagonist, Kasavin says "The idea for a character like Red was one of the very first ideas on this project. Having a 'fallen idol' type of character was always intended to be central to this gameworld and story. That said, like all aspects of Transistor, she evolved over time. Much like the Kid before her, we see Red as a sort of emissary to the world she comes from."

Transistor is due for release in early 2014 for unannounced platforms.