GTA 5 Terrain Map Created Using In-game Screenshots

A forum user and hardcore GTA fanatic has put together a terrain map of Grand Theft Auto 5 from media releases.

In the whirlwind of Grand Theft Auto V rumors that have come about in the past few weeks, the latest comes in the form of a "completed" map from the game. What's most interesting about this creation though, is that it is comprised of information taken solely from media releases made by the game's developer, Rockstar.

Created by a user on GTAForums, the map's creator doesn't claim that it is representative of what gamers will see in the finished product. This is simply a rough estimate regarding the game's boundaries and features, but it is extremely well-made and we're betting that it's not too far off.

The map itself is meant to show the location of Los Santos in relation to the rest of the game world. So, for example, the waterfall and bridges in the Northwestern corner of the faux map could be much closer than is depicted, but the borders of Los Santos could be much smaller. The map's creator has also listed a few smaller places on the map, such as what he/she believes to be a trailer park. These smaller blips of information resound throughout the picture, but one thing is for certain – this took a very long time to make.

This is yet another example of just how loyal GTA fans are. Not only are they always on the edge of their seat for the next big announcement, but they are willing to go the extra mile for their community. We're not entirely sure how Rockstar feels about their map being guessed at, but it's something to hold us over until the game's actual release later this year.