Spelunky Coming To Playstation 3 and Vita

Fall on spikes and get eaten by spiders while on the move

Great news! Soon you will be able to play the incredicle Spelunky on platforms other than the Xbox 360 (or the PC if you don’t mind a seriously outdated beta version). The game will be coming to Playstation 3 and PS Vita sometime this summer.

The Vita is a perfect platform for Spelunky’s gameplay, which lends itself particularly well to a commute. The levels are randomised caverns and your character (a brave indiana jones-esque roguish adventurer, or a bunch of other models) needs to explore them for helpful tools, then traverse to the bottom. It’s a different game every time and it’s got permadeath in the same style as a roguelike. Some playthroughs can take only minutes before you make a horrible mistake and have to start again, others may take a half hour of careful planning taking you to the boss at the end and beyond. That’s a great game to stay entertained on the move.

It’s also got adorable pugs in it and that’s exactly what everyone needs to see in the mornings.

Spelunky is a great game and it’s heartening to know that more people are going to have access to it. We’re waiting on hearing about a PC port, which would be nice for me because it means continued access to Spelunky at my desk and an even greater probable knock to my productivity and career trajectory.

Get Spelunky. It’s pretty good, everyone. I wouldn’t lie to you. Not about Spelunky. It means too much to me.