Skyrim 1.9 Now Available For Download on Steam

The latest update sees the addition of bug fixes and new Legendary settings.


Owners of Skyrim on the PC can now enjoy an all new update for the game that adds a new Legendary difficulty setting and Legendary Skills which allow player characters to "make legendary" any of their skills which are at 100, start anew, regain all of their perks, and use it as an opportunity to gain even more levels.

The system isn't unlike Black Ops 2's Prestige System, and effectively removes the game's level cap so players can enjoy the new Legendary difficulty setting without feeling completely overpowered. In other words, you won't be killing any dragons in a single hit anymore.

In addition to the new features, the update also carries a plethora of bug fixes and improvements for its stability, so it won't crash anywhere as often as it used to. The full list of fixes can be found here.

To download the update, simply log onto Steam and the client will update as normal. You don't have to do anything else.

Bethesda has not provided a release date for the update on consoles as of yet.