Marvel Heroes Developer Criticizes Diablo 3’s Real Money Auction House

Marvel Heroes will avoid Diablo 3’s problems by not implementing a game-breaking real money auction house.

Marvel Heroes

After his departure from Flagship Studios, and later Turbine, David Brevik joined up with gaming startup Gazillion to work on Marvel Heroes, a free action RPG with heavy MMO elements. Players can take on the roles of Spiderman, Captain America, and a host of other popular Marvel superheroes to take on bad guys like the Green Goblin and Doctor Doom.

David Brevik, who was previously responsible for the Diablo series of games, says that his upcoming game will learn from Diablo 3's problems and avoid the pitfalls of the real money auction house.

"That's not the road we want to take," said Brevik in an interview with PCGamesN. "For a real-money auction house to work? I didn't like some of the mechanics associated with that and I thought it had an impact on the game that I didn't really want."

"There’s a veil of paying for power there, he said, "and I wanted to avoid that."

Brevik's previous criticism of Diablo 3 earned him an angry response from the game's lead director Jay Wilson, who candidly told his co-workers "f*ck that loser" in a highly-publicized Facebook thread that saw Wilson apologizing for his comments.