Dark Souls 2: What the Fans Want

Fans and pundit alike voice their wants for the next iteration of Dark Souls.

dark souls 2

Dark Souls was a game that broke boundaries. Demons Souls did much the same thing, but didn’t offer it to as wide an audience due to its exclusivity. Dark Souls brought today’s gamer and shoved them back into a world that is considered by most to be unfair. What the game was met with was far from the expected, as both fans and critics applauded the game for its triumphs.

Now Dark Souls II is quickly approaching us, and with it comes a host of people who would offer up their opinion as to what would make this iteration better than the last. Including various Reddit members, Epicnamebro of Youtube has also offered his opinion. Marcus (Epicnamebro) could be considered something of a pundit concerning Dark Souls. Many users flock to his videos for information and the like.

One of the ideas brought forth concerns what Dark Souls calls “Black Phantoms.” These were entities that would invade your world if you were human at that time; in Dark Souls, you play as Undead or Human depending on your inclination to engage in multiplayer scenarios. The idea states that it would be interesting if these phantoms didn’t just show up at a certain point, but rather follow you throughout the game – a constant fear.

The other ideas are a bit smaller in nature, and discuss the family masks (Father, Mother, Child), flails, and better encryption for the game so as users cannot find exploits as easily. Anyone remember infinite life, souls or humanity?

What do you want in Dark Souls II? Comment below with your thoughts!