Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Cheat Codes

Actual cheat codes for Blizzard’s newest RTS.

Heart of the Swarm Kerrigan

Much like its predecessors in the Starcraft and Warcraft series of games, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm comes with its own set of cheats that allows players to breeze through the game's single-player campaign without breaking a sweat.

Granted, using these cheats will disable your ability to attain any achievements for the duration for the games in which they're enabled, so only use them if your only intention is to play through the campaign and experience the story. If you have no intention of gaining the achievements or, for that matter, the experience of playing the game the way its developers intended, then by all means use the following cheats, which will provide you with an abundance of minerals, vespene gas, and all matter of unlocks.

Like the previous games, the cheats are references to pop culture and some of the more amusing memes that've cropped up over the years, like the "more dots" World of Warcraft rage video. That's a 50 DKP minus if you haven't seen it.

To toggle these cheats, simply hit the enter key and type them in. Without further ado, here's every cheat the game has to offer, in alphabetical order:

    5,000 Minerals — Type: stroaksmolts
    5,000 Minerals and Gas — Type: smoldersbolds
    5,000 Vespene Gas — Type: realmendrilldeep
    Access to all UNN Broadcasts — Type: StayClassyMarSara
    Disable defeat conditions — Type: ypoonsvoicemail
    Disable Fog of War — Type: TookTheRedPill
    Disable food requirements — Type: mintmansoperator
    disable victory condition — Type: tyuhasleftthegame
    Disables Ability Cooldown — Type: HanShotFirst
    Disables defeat conditions — Type: NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender
    Disables tech requirements — Type: SoSayWeAll
    Disables the time of day — Type: Qrotero
    Fast Build — Type: CatFoodForPrawnGuns
    Fast Build — Type: reversingnazaire OR basestarsprimative
    Fast Heal — Type: fsbcomunicacion
    Fast Heal — Type: ImADoctorNotARoachJim
    Fog of War disabled — Type: sawnoutofmemory
    Gives 5,000,000 credits — Type: whysoserious
    Gives 5,000 Custom resources — Type: DZMHairSpring
    Gives 5,000 Terrazine — Type: jaynestown
    Grant 5,000 minerals — Type: SpectralTiger
    Grant 5,000 of each resources — Type: WhoRunBartertown
    Grant 5,000 Terrazine — Type: Jaynestown
    Instant Defeat — Type: LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven
    Instant Win — Type: WhatIsBestInLife
    Invincibility and increased damage — Type: terribleterribledamage
    Lose the current game — Type: cadeasygoin
    Mission Select — Type: lyingpect
    Opens cutscene menu — Type: eyeofsauron
    Opens the UNN broadcast menu — Type: furabranchery
    Re-enters the last cheat used — Type: =
    Remove the Supply Cap — Type: Bunker55AliveInside
    Research points granted — Type: wapboinkers
    Units/Structures no longer cost resources — Type: moredotsmoredots
    Unlock all missions — Type: LeaveYourSleep
    Unlock all Research options HoradricCube
    Upgrades Weapons, Armor (and Shields) by 1 — Type: IAmIronman
    Win current game — Type: cmethodfeedback

If you'd like to re-enable the achievements and play the game normally, simply quit out of the mission and play it again without using any of the cheats. You should be good to go.