Watch Dogs Lead Designer Has Left Ubisoft For EA

Should we all worry how one of the most anticipated releases of the year will shape up? Maybe?

All week long, the headlines have been mostly dominated by EA, the not so good kind. For those who haven't heard, the launch of their most recent release, SimCity, has not gone smooth.

Well, time for more bad news, but not for EA, though they're certainly involved. Instead, those who were looking forward to Ubisoft's Watch Dogs should brace themselves: That game's lead designer, Jamie Keen, has left Ubisoft and is now at Electronic Arts.

The news comes courtesy of VideoGamer; they noticed how on his LinkedIn profile, his last month of employment at Ubi (where he's also credited as lead designer of Far Cry 3) was this past February.

Which is also when he began working at EA Gothenburg as a gameplay producer. It is speculated that he will be working the next Need For Speed title. Criterion is supposed working alongside EA Gothenburg on the as of yet unannounced game.

No one knows how Keen's departure will affect Watch Dogs. It depends on a number of factors, including (but certainly not limited to) how far along development was, if anyone else was lending design assistance, and who has taken over. Time will only tell.