Mass Effect 3: BioWare Answers Fan Questions About Citadel

It looks like BioWare has been listening to fans, as they’ve offered up an FAQ to answer questions about the game.

Parts of this article may contain spoilers of the Mass Effect 3 Main Campaign.

Mass Effect 3

Bioware has been feeling pressure from fans to release more information concerning “Citadel,” the company’s latest downloadable content for Mass Effect 3. As a result, they’ve taken some of the most-asked questions and responded to them in a FAQ. Citadel releases next week.

It’s been revealed that content from Citadel will be available anytime after the Cerberous coup attempt on the Citadel and before your attack on the Cronos station.

Bioware have not been keen to discuss which characters will be present in the DLC, apart from what they have already divulged. They’ve also revealed that your exploits in the Citadel have no affect on the outcome of the game and playing the Citadel before game completion is perfectly acceptable.

Finally, they have announced that the Xbox360 portion will differ in a small way from the Playstation 3 and PC iterations, as it will be split into two parts.

“For Xbox 360 users, the Citadel DLC pack will come as 2 downloads on Xbox Live. ME3 Citadel is larger than our previous DLC packs, so it had to be split into 2 downloads. The first pack is priced at $14.99 and the second pack is tagged as free. Players need to purchase and download pack 1, then download pack 2 at no additional cost.”

The player will not be able to launch Citadel at all until they have downloaded both packs for the Xbox360, and pack 2 will not be playable until pack 1 is installed on the system’s hard drive. Downloading pack 2 prematurely will not hurt your saved game, but will serve no real purpose until the entirety of the DLC has been acquired.