Sonic The Hedgehog To Finally Star In An Endless Runner

About time, right?

Given the popularity of the endless running genre of games, which was given birth by Canabalt, and which is more popular than ever before, thanks to Temple Run 2, it makes sense that Sonic the Hedgehog, who is more the less the first video game character to be synonymous with sprinting, would eventually star in one, yes?

In fact, it's a bit of a shocker that this hasn't been the case already, especially since Sonic has proven to be less than bashful when it comes to taking cues from others. As the various Mario Party and Mario Kart clones he's already starred in proves.

Well, such a thing is indeed happening. According to Kotaku, citing a job listing that was spotted by The Sonic Stadium, Sonic is slated to start in an endless running title that is called Sonic Dash. Naturally it will be for mobile platforms.

Sonic Dash will also join the ranks of Sonic Jump, a previously published iOS game that's also inspired by another mobile game, Doodle Jump (while never reaching the heights of popularity of Temple Run, Doodle Jump stil enjoyed a very decent amount of success).

Later on, Kotaku updated their story with the following statement from Sega:

"At this time, Sega is able to confirm that we are working on a new mobile game titled Sonic Dash. We have not announced any specific details on the product but we will be releasing additional information on this exciting, new game in the near future."

So what’s next for the blue hedgehog? An Angry Bird-esque title? Something along the lines of Super Hexagon? The possibilities are indeed endless.