Jimmy Fallon Actually Gets to Play Killzone Shadow Fall

And he’s not particularly good at it

“I'm a gamer. I'm a geek,” says Jimmy Fallon to the managing director and co-founder of Guerilla games – Hermen Hulst – as they admire the new DualShock controller. And then they have a little chat about the share button: “That's not C, H, E, R, by the way,” Fallon points out for the sake of the audience. And there's a speaker on the controller! So you'll be able to get annoying radio messages playing from your hands when you're playing Killzone: Shadow Fall.

But more interesting than the chit-chat, of course, is when we actually get to see the game. Of course, it's exactly the same section we saw in the PS4 announcement, with Steven – who's playing as Fallon and Hulst chat – even ducking behind the same artfully destroyed cover. In fact, most of the sequence is played pretty much the same. We get to see the guy climb onto the building to show off the fact that hey, you can climb, and knife the same guy in the neck as well. The guy playing even uses the slow-mo ability at the same time.

And then Fallon actually gets to play the game, which is something I'm pretty sure no journalist at the event had a chance to do. He doesn't do a particularly great job – the screen is red pretty much the whole time – but then it's pretty funny. And it's interesting to see the game as demonstrated by someone who hasn't practised the same bit over and over to make it look as awesome as possible – a brave move from Hulst, but one that obviously resonates with the audience at Fallon's show. If you want to hear Fallon shout and scream at his TV, check out the video for yourself.