The PlayStation 2 Sees A Massive Upsurge In Popularity In Japan

Yes, the PlayStation 4 what?

With the PlayStation 4 unveil less than 24 hours away, it's without question on the minds of pretty much anyone who even casually calls him or herself a gamer. But as most of us look towards the future of video games, there are some, in Japan to be exact, that still have their eyes towards its past. Not the PS4, but the PS2, believe it or not.

According to Kotaku, the recently retired console has seen a sudden surge in popularity in its homeland. As previously reported, Sony decided to finally cease production of the PS2, after close to years of service.

At this point, it is still the most successful home video game system of all time, with 153.6 million units sold. A number that the competition (as well as Sony themselves) will have to work hard to topple.

Well, as a direct result, the PS2's market value has increased in recent months; because Sony is no longer making them, remaining stock is now going for much more than the original, suggested retail price.

Last year, the PS2 was valued at ¥20,000, or $213, which is actually slightly higher than Sony's suggested retail price of ¥16,000, or $171. As of right now, retailers who still have their hands on them, knowing that they now officially have a collector's item on their hands, are asking for an average of ¥30,000, or $320. That's practically the price of the PS3.

At one point it went as high as ¥40,000, or $426, before going back down (perhaps it was due to the holiday rush or something). Will the asking price for a brand new PS2 ever get as high? Well, considering that Sony doesn't make it anymore, it's a safe bet.