Gears of War: Judgment Has Been Leaked

Someone dun goofed.

Hey, remember the time Gears of War 3 was leaked on the internet? Well, guess what; history has again repeat itself. 

Gears of War: Judgment, which is scheduled to be released exactly one month from now, on March 19, has been leaked and can be found at the usual places, aka torrent sites.

This copy, according to Eurogamer, began showing up last night is apparently complete. Which is a definite contrast to the aforementioned Gears of War 3 leak; that version was not complete, and as a result, was quite buggy.

Microsoft, the game's publisher, is understandably upsets and has vowed to aggressively go after those who dare to download the game. According to a spokesperson:

"We are aware of isolated cases in which Gears of War: Judgment content has been propped on the web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation immediately…

Consumers should be aware that piracy is illegal and we take vigorous action against illegal activity related to our products and services."

As Eurogamer also notes, this happened fairly recently as well, with Halo 4. But the time between its leak and actual release date was not nearly as long as one month. 

The same penalty that was exercised back then will be enforced here as well. Basically, anyone who is caught playing a leaked and totally illegal copy will be banned from Xbox Live for the rest of their lives:

"Playing pirated copies of games, such as Gears of War: Judgment, is a violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Use and will result in enforcement action, such as account and console bans."

Microsoft will also be targeting folks who videos from the leaked release, so be careful on that front as well, ya filthy pirates. They've also released the following, brand new multiplayer trailer: