Sims 3 University Life Introduces Plant Sims

Producer walkthrough offers plenty of info on the upcoming expansion

After technical issues prevented them from showing footage from Sims 3 University Life during the live broadcast on Valentine's Day, the team behind the game has released a producer walkthrough for the expansion. It's a nice little video, a six-minute demonstration of some of the new features in the expansion wrapped up as a story about three different Sims, as long as you ignore the advert for another expansion (look what your University town will look like if you buy Sims 3 Seasons!) and imperative to pre-order (look at this cool item! Only available if you pre-order). Here's some of what we get to see:

  • Sims working on their laptops while sat on the grass. Will this be a feature for all Sims, or only available in the University town?


  • Sims taking selfies with their cellphones.


  • Dumpster diving. I have no idea why any Sim would want to do that, but it's not entirely new; Investigator Sims can already rifle through trash in the search for evidence.


  • A new trait – “irresistible” – which sounds a lot like a souped-up version of the already existent “lucky” trait.


  • Graffiti! And it looks like you can be arrested for it.


  • Energy drinks, for the late-night gamer.


  • An aptitude test that can net your Sim a scholarship for university.


  • A moving van to take them to university. Presumably their parents don't drive them in and leave tearfully.


  • A variety of places to live while at university: co-ed dorms, sorority and fraternity houses, off-campus apartments and houses.


  • Roommates! Lots of opportunity for clashing personalities to cause difficult relationships.


  • An old “creeper” who is “taking his time through college”. Nice and judgmental.


  • A “campus-wide meet & greet”, which apparently takes place at the beginning of a new term and will allow students to get prepared and meet their professors.


  • Social networking as a whole new skill. This involves building up cred with the different social groups – jocks, rebels, and nerds – and can be tracked on your Sim's cellphone.


  • Candy machines, which can apparently crush a Sim who tries a little too hard to get them to give up their bounty.


  • Those beds that unfold from the wall, which can also apparently crush your Sim.


  • Various academic objects: some kind of electrical zapper, a skeleton, a microphone (presumably for Communications students to record a radio show), and a sketchpad (which can be used for sketching nudes).


  • Protests, which already exist in normal Sims towns but will presumably be more frequent among students (as seems to be the case in real life!).


  • A comic shop that also has rows of computers for gaming (though sadly probably not LAN parties).


  • A report card, which may or may not actually feature in the game since it just pops up on screen briefly during the video.


  • Blogging! My Sim-me gets more and more realistic by the day.


  • Art appraiser as a new career.


  • Plant Sims! We haven't had much info on these besides this one brief glimpse, but just the knowledge they're in the game will be enough to draw in many Sims 2 fans. Clever, EA. Very clever.