Mass Effect 3 DLC Details Coming ‘Late Next Week’, Says BioWare

BioWare intends to announce details about the upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3.

mass effect 3 dlc

BioWare has a new single-player DLC in the works for Mass Effect 3 that remains unnamed as of yet. The development of the game was revealed not too long ago, and BioWare promised that the whole thing will be among one of the biggest expansions for the game with "all hands on deck" for its development.

The studio says it has no plans to the game's ending any further than it already has with the Extended Cut, released last year after fan outrage prompted the studio to tie up loose ends.

In a piece written by Jeanine Celestin-Greer for Gameranx, she addressed how BioWare could stand to salvage its reputation with gamers in its next DLC, given how awkwardly the recent DLC, Omega, ended upon its transition to the main game.

Today, BioWare spokesperson Chris Priestly answered some questions on his Twitter account and stated that information about the upcoming DLC will be released in the coming week, he noted with hopefulness.

"When it is ready to be talked about, it will be," he wrote in response to a question posed about the DLC's details. "Not my decision, but I think, hopefully, late next week."

At this point, it remains to be seen what the studio does with the franchise, but with the next DLC on the line and an unnamed Mass Effect sequel in development, there's a good chance that the DLC may serve as a tie-in, or bridge between Mass Effect 3 and the next game.