4chan Creates Chris Dorner’s Last Stand Shooter Game

It’s pretty stupid. You can’t be surprised by this.

Chris Dorner's Last Stand

The last moments of Christopher Dorner, a former police officer in Los Angeles, gripped the nation for a few seemingly long, but oddly compelling days. Dorner was wanted for four murders in California, including two police officers, and had been on the run from police since Feb. 3. The manhunt ended on Tuesday with the log cabin where Dorner was allegedly holed up being set on fire, and the fugitive not emerging.

Since then, Dorner has become sort of a hero for people on the Internet, who have been calling him a "victim" of the police. This apparently includes 4chan, known for creating quick games in response to current events, and who have immortalized the man in a Doom-inspired shooter called Chris Dorner's Last Stand.

The game is available for free download on Windows, and just so you don't have to waste some good time playing it, here's the rundown.

You play as Chris Dorner, who is in a log cabin surrounded by police officers who are trying to shoot at you. Your goal is to kill them, collecting ammo they drop and the occasional KFC chicken bucket, which restores your health (never said this game was classy). The game has multiple difficulties, and in each, the action progresses as more officers enter the cabin and try to shoot you and for some reason the place sets on fire.

If you make it to the end, the final boss is a Terminator. If you defeat the Governator a screen comes up that says "You can't corner the Dorner."

If I have to gave some credit, it would be that the game actually presents a challenge, even on lower difficulties. It's fairly fast-paced, and you need to utilize certain strategies in order to defeat the NPC's and especially the final boss.

The game only has some value, however, if you agree that Dorner was a victim in this whole situation. Dorner is the hero, and you are playing as him. The subtext underlying Last Stand paints the police as monsters in the same way that the aliens in Doom were your antagonists. You are an action hero who is able to take down entire forces, and even defeat the Terminator (for some reason). Even worse is that the police are extremely racist, and are dropping you KFC chicken.

Without the subtext, the game is pretty stupid and brainless, as well as racist. If you disagree with the Internet consensus, then the game can be downright insulting. The music is obnoxious and annoying, including a song by Gangsta Rap that contains some… interesting lyrics.

Whatever your opinion, users on 4chan made it, and Reddit made it popular. It happens. Nothing you can do about it.