GTA 5 Newly Surfaced Gameplay Trailer Is a Good Fake

A fake Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer has been making the rounds on youtube, and it makes a pretty strong case for itself.

gta v

Last week, we reported that the conspiracy theories surrounding Grand Theft Auto V and its delays were unfounded. A new aura of controversy has begun to surround the title, in the form of what is called a brand new trailer. 

Published on February 2, the video in question portrays a number of antics, all portrayed from the air: jumping from jets, battling in helicopters and screeching through the air in fighter jets.

Given the franchise’s popularity, it would come as no surprise that Rock Star would publish something to appease the fans. However, a couple of things stick out when this production is looked at a little more closely…don't be fooled by the amount of likes it has gathered over the last few days either.

For one, the video was not published via Rock Star Games’ official Youtube channel, but rather user FranSnk3d. If this information wasn’t damning enough, it’s also very clear that this simply is not GTA V. The leading theory enveloping this video is that the user created an elaborate mod out of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 

This isn’t as crazy an idea as it sounds – look at the polygons on some of the vehicle structures, namely the tank at 0:50 into the video. Furthermore, the creator of this purported mod has devised an effect that makes the sun reflect off of objects in a more vibrant manner. There’s clearly been some makeup applied to this game, whatever it may actually be. 

It looks like GTA fans will be waiting a bit longer for the next big announcement from Rock Star. That said, the developer has been somewhat vocal as of late concerning the game’s release, so perhaps some new information will be on its way sooner rather than later.